🧘🏻‍♀️ Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga

The Yoga of Awareness by Yogi Bhajan.

It is a more spiritual practice than all the other yoga forms that tend to flow with the breath.

Kundalini yoga combines chanting, singing, physical movements, and breathing in specific patterns.

Yoga for kids

Focus on eight emotional states (anger, worry, excitement, sadness, joy, jealousy, shame and peace) to develop a sense of self and understanding of the world around.

Identification of feelings (both positive and negative) to appreciate the complexity for our little humans.

Kundalini Meditation

This is a one hour dynamic form of meditation in 4 stages, 15 min each created by Osho.

Stage one: Shake the body

Stage two: Dance

Stage three: meditation – observe in silence whatever happens for you from within without

Stage four: Lie down in silence, and be still.

🌻 Horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy is gardening therapy.

Being out in nature and working with plants promotes an overall improvement of mental and physical well-being.

A horticultural therapist works with anyone that can benefit from interaction with plants, including children, the elderly and those dealing with addiction and mental health problems (depression, anxiety).

It also allows to connect to others, which helps to reduce feelings of being isolated or excluded.

A wonderful way to create community.

✍️ Writing

Writing allows space for creativity.

By using written words in different styles and techniques it is possible to communicate ideas.

Through the Art of writing any literary like poetry, short-stories, books… can be produced.

Writing can help to connect to our inner Self to make sense of what has been, was and is now to encourage inner healing.

👤 Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose coaching happens under the umbrella of The Compassionate Gardener.

We are here to cultivate, guide and support You in your own personal growth by empowering and encouraging You to live a better, more fulfilled life.

The focus is on finding your life path/purpose that will guide You towards a more productive and meaningful life.

Primarily You will play an important part of the Service (self-serving) now and in the future. This allows for other partners to join.

🤲 Usui reiki

This alternative energy hands-on healing technique promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

Reiki is often used today for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases to allow for the flow of life to pass through.

It will go there wherever it is needed.

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