A citizen of the world!

The Compassionate Gardener is a citizen of the world.

The Compassionate Gardener has a dream that one day an announcement is made that No passports are needed any longer!

No more countries, no more nationalities, no more Where are you froms!

No more being put into a box before your time is up!

A box that is full of conditioned prejudices from yesterdays!!!

Yes, how wonderful that would be!

No more … You are this … You are that … so that people can finally really Stop … to deliberately making themselves feel uncomfortable!

Thanks to the un-schooling, and allowing themselves to let go off their once so flourishing programmed prejudices of the Unknown, the citizens of the world can finally look into each other’s eye with Trust and Respect!

The citizens of the world can live a balanced and peaceful life, finally!
Now that would be something if not everything!!! <3

The Compassionate Gardener just loves it when dreams come true!

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