Alone vs. Lonely

“There are worst things than feeling alone. Things like being with someone and still feeling alone.”

M.W. Poetry

The Compassionate Gardener is alone but does not feel lonely. 

The Compassionate Gardener Knows when You Know Your Self. You simply Know where You start, and the Other ends. There is Trust and Respect for Self, and so for the Other.

There are, however, people that love to convince ~ influence ~ tell You what is good for You. While You surely may notice their best intentions…these intentions can often backfire. 

Mirror Mirror reflects what and who You are!

Once You truly know your Self inside out…there is NO NEED to influence another any longer.

Disrespect disappears, and there is Peace.

A lot depends also on the Tone of the Music ~ how language is used!

How You express Your Self in order to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings, and therefore disrespect!

Awareness, and being conscious are Key!

The Compassionate Gardener enjoys Aloneness, and begins to choose whose company is best.

The Compassionate Gardener understands what true loneliness is all about…when You stop feeling … Being You.

Being truly You means … You are Alone but Not Lonely.

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