Be Peaceful Joy

“Happiness and your growth starts when you start focusing on your strength instead of focusing on your weakness.”

Mitu Kuthe

The Compassionate Gardener sees happiness, and growth all around. Time to allow yourself to dig into your own life to find out where You feel You still need growing to be peaceful Joy.

People have often that idea that happiness is the be- all, and end- all… when, in fact, it is quite over-rated, and can cause immense pressure.

Be Happy, when all You want to do is cry your heart out because you are grieving…a loved one or some other loss that made your heart feel heavy, and broken that You think it will never heal again.

But know…Your heart will heal…You will love once You feel ready, and that in your own time, to feel your Self again!

You are not alone…we all have moments in life, in which we do not feel like wanting to be nice or happy.

Kindness…authenticity are key!

When unhappy, all we want is often just run and hide, and find some ‘escape’ not to feel so unhappy ever again!

The ‘escape’ is meant to be a safe space where You can be You, and release what is not needed any longer for your own personal growth.

The Compassionate Gardener can guide You…once You feel ready, and willing to see with your own eyes, and that from your own heart .

Know that whatever You do, and enjoy with passion, and purpose can return to You…to your own happy center!

Life experiences bring You growth when You least expect to evolve.

Evolution happens in the Here, right Now wherever You are at this moment in time!

You are the creator of your own life so Only You can create that peaceful Joy from within that allows You to say: Yes, I am actually happy with what is…Now!

I am at Peace with Myself! Thank You!

Feel your own Growth…Feel the Joy…Your own self-created happiness!

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