Can You…?

The Compassionate Gardener is fully aware of the shifts that are happening right now in the physicality.

You are NOT alone!

Now more so than ever the focus NEEDS to be on You!

Breath, and remember You are here in the Now…in your body, and not floating out there with the angels!

You NEED to remember to listen to our body, Not your mind and Ego but your body that sends You physical signals.

The body knows when something feels good or uncomfortable. It also shows You when enough is enough!


The body knows when it is time for Self-care to give You the kindness – love and respect – NEEDED!

It is Not about avoiding the pain – It is about acknowledging the experience, and facing The Unknown!

When You feel scared – be honest with You but do not get attached to that fear – let it go!

Fear is not for You to hold onto or remain stuck in!

The Compassionate Gardener knows that your wants and desires can often distract You.

Remember, all they can give You is some instant gratification that never lasts!

These wants do not provide You with what You truly NEED for your own Self-growth into a decent, peaceful and safe human Being!

Garden your own life!

Create a space for You to have your own needs fulfilled, and to be happy!

Respect Yourself!

Thank You!

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