Compassionate Gardening is Empathy

Before criticizing a man… walk a mile in his shoes.”


Before You judge Me…or another… You…or the system or the whole- wide-world for what is, please ask Your Self: Who am I to judge ~ to blame ~ to shame~  to belittle ~ to humiliate ~ to hurt ~ to disrespect ~ to guilt -trip?

Who am I… when it is obviously You that Needs to have an idea what it is like to walk in the shoes of another person! 

Do You Know Empathy? Would You recognize empathy when You see it? Do You have empathy? Are You empathic enough to understand Your Self, to be able to give space to the other?

Without Empathy… How can You know… would You be able to Know… what it feels like to be judged simply for You…to be blamed, and shamed for You…and consequently, having to carry the heavy burden of yesterday’s guilt. 

Start Growing Compassionately!

Start digging into the core of your very own Being…your own Humanity before You finger point and assume about another’s life, including your very own one!

Can You imagine…and therefore feel for Self…and so for another what life may be like for them?

That is Empathy!

Just for a tiny wee moment…could You...would You please imagine to walk in the others’ shoes? Do these shoes hurt…are they too big…too small … painful? Do they make You feel happy and joyful … comfortable … uncomfortable… sad or safe?

Now That is truly great!

That is what Life is all about…to Know How to feel … from your very own heart…how the shoes…the Life… of another may feel like to You!

Remember a situation in your life when You needed some support in your own life in order to move on!

Now it is the Time for Compassionate Gardening

Be the Change You want to See in Self…and so the Other!

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