Dancing into the Danger

Dancing into the Danger

“Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Fitzgerald

We are really not that different,
You and I.
Our desires are rather similar.
A soft-spoken voice, a gentle touch
That cares for me,
To feel loved and cherished.
Such a strong desire
To experience
The joy of a loving relationship.

Yet, the memory of pain is still so present,
The need to run, to hide, for self-preservation.
Feeling the energy of every harsh word,
Cutting deep like a knife.
Run, before they get you!
Stop them from hurting!
Yet then I get caught
By what seemed like a scary god.
Manifested myself just like countless others.
Is this a blessing or a curse lurking at every corner?

Longing for my own space – to relax,
To be safe.
Every day feels the same.
This yearning for peace, and that in my space.
Suddenly this stops, something has changed.
I am crammed into a small cage,
Overcome by rage.
Arriving at a strange location,
Looks and smells unknown.

Here now, at last,
I have found a space
In ways I can relax most of the time.
Until someone comes to check,
To see
How I feel.
I am overcome with gratitude
For sustenance, for every drop of water.
I want to be left alone, to ponder, to be in the quiet, endless possibilities.
Some of the pain is slowly leaving.
I have discovered a new friend who is there for me.
There is kindness. We share the house with those who live in it.
They do not yell or chase.
I think he is crazy, but he is very nice.

Much time has passed, with guidance from my friend,
I have been searching the house at night when it is quiet.
At night, all windows and doors are closed,
People are asleep.
I am beginning to feel safe, especially now that the house is dark.
Tonight, I danced into the danger.
I was brave, taking a chance on one of those who live in the house.
A delicious treat, and that felt safe.
The fear is slowly fading from me more and more each day.
Perhaps now, I can trust again,
And have the peace and joy I so desire and deserve.
I will continue to dance into the danger until
At last, there is no more torment.

by Rose Erbacher


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