Dyscalculia is Life!

The Compassionate knows deeply what life feels like when You are treated with miscalculation ~ misjudgement ~ simply underestimated in your very own Being!

Growing up in a world that finds ‘comfort in numbers’, someone that struggles with Dyscalculia can often feel lonely, and misunderstood.

Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty … comprehending anything to do with numbers, time or money.

When You deal with dyscalculia every day ~ life ~ the world~ as it is perceived ~ You are considered different!


Dyscalculia is experiencing life ~ love ~ joy~ pain as forms of experiences that are needed for personal growth.


Dyscalculia cannot comprehend that Life is being priced ~ measured ~ boxed ~ labeled for what Life is ~ experience/s.

Life is energy…that flows…just like money… or love…Experiences flow unconditionally ~ when Life is allowed to live, and let live respectfully!

When dyscalculia has to suddenly figure out its price ~ its value~ its worth~ what it is…what it stands for…That FLOW of Energy ~ Life ~ Love ~ Joy stops…runs out…freezes.


Knowing deeply…dyscalculia… is priceless and unconditional!

Dyscalculia is Life ~ Love ~ Joy!

Dyscalculia is so very much needed in an imbalanced world… to restore the Balance between the material and spiritual world, and that with an unconditional~ compassionate heart!


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