Embrace the Change

“Chances are you already know what you want. The question is, who is really stopping you?”
― Hiral Nagda

In life, change always comes along,
Like the lyrics of a favorite song.
From child to human,
we grow each day,
Yet memories of yesterday never fade away.

Letting go may be hard,
it’s true,
But holding on to what’s not meant for you,
Only keeps you from being free,
To live the life you’re meant to see.

Fear of the unknown may linger near,
But knowing yourself can make it clear.
Love surrounds us,
in every way,
In each new beginning,
it lights the way.

So embrace the changes,
big and small,
For they’re the threads that weave life’s call.
With gratitude and acceptance,
let’s be,
In this journey of new beginnings,
set yourself free.


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