Growth brings Peace

“World peace begins with inner peace.”

Dalai Lama

The Compassionate Gardener grew up in a world where people were told there must never be war on this Soil again. Peace must be prevailed at all cost.

The world, however, had never really been peaceful ever since the past two world wars that literally shook humanity down to its very core, and changed the picture of what true Peace may really look like.

People grew up in a world that kept the memories of war alive but forgot what true Peace was really like. When You experience such inhuman atrocities like the holocaust, the lies, loosing loved ones under the ashes of your home, seeing your best friend next to You on the battle field or women being raped – just to name a few – your world can impossible ever be the same.

The Compassionate Gardener was born into a world where people only mentioned the war but made it appear like they had been the winners. When in fact, humanity had miserably lost the war…its empathy…to feel…to love…to respect…to trust Self, and so one another.

There was no time for Love after the war. Peace meant to tackle what needed tackling like re-building cities and homes. But somehow people wanted to forget…what had happened…forget the pain. Everything they had experienced…Can they be blamed?

They were glad they had survived but to what sacrifice? The men who had fought at the front, had either stayed behind dead on the field, were arrested and imprisoned in camps or when they returned, if they returned alive… they were mainly only a shell of their former Self.

No doubt, war destroys your soul…your very Being…and that forms a ripple effect on the next generations when the Past is ignored or forgotten!

The Compassionate Gardener had to see with the eyes of a child how the war changes people, and how this war continued in people’s heads and turned good people against one another into the Cold War. This Cold War was…has been and still is nothing but a Peace on stand-by.

True Peace has been an illusion for too long. A dream…that can come true…through growth.

The Compassionate Gardener often wondered how You can truly feel at peace…be able to sleep at night or free even…when You know there are still war-mongering and fear-spreading people that live out the Past in their heads?

Growth truly starts when we make Peace with ourselves, and our Past…by getting to know ourselves better…our stories…Who we are, what makes and shapes us to feel alive and kicking. We need to listen to our own hearts again! We need to take the time…an interest in the life of another, and Feel our heart melt from the cold of yesterdays.

Growth is Peace…Peace is a Choice.

If we are willing to stop these unnecessary wars … conflicts … arguments … there is always a way….to create what we truly want. Once we start to Compassionately Gardening our Past!

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