Heart-Language= Gratitude!


The Master Shift

The Compassionate Gardener has taken up many world languages out of curiosity until enough was enough!

Our education, especially here in Europe allows You to learn any language these days.

Our minds are constantly being nurtured, but our hearts tend to be forgotten!

Balance – Happiness is missing!

The language of the heart needs to be introduced into our daily lives!

You have to make time for love, kindness, gratitude!

You need to learn to feel from and with your own heart again!

You can stop, and smell the roses ~ Yes, You can appreciate Life…You...for who You are…and what life is truly all about!

Your life needs to rediscover the passion, and the purpose of your own heart!

What is it that makes You come alive, and grateful to Be alive?!

The Compassionate Gardener brings You the gratitude for Self, and others to be able to see the Joy from your own heart again.

That is the Spirit that brings, and expresses warm , and kind gratitude!

Grace is something natural that can be created for any occasion!

Thank You for your kindness! Thank You for thinking of me! Thank You for your presence! Thank You for having me! Thank You!

When You have inner Peace…wholeness…presence in yourself, You are happy with your own Self…then You simply are in No Need any longer of more, more, more…accumulation …of material presents!

You are content ~peacefully happy~ with the life You have created for your Self!

That is the Song of Grace!

You are who You are, and what You have is enough!

Be grateful that You have Your Self!

Thank You! 💗

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