In Every Beat, There Is a Human Heart

“We Gotta Look For The Good In The Bad, The Happy In Our Sad, The Gain In Our Pain, And What Makes You Grateful Not Hateful.”– Maritoni Llorca

In the season of snow and twinkling light,

Christmas whispers of love,

pure and bright.

Yet why confine joy to this festive cheer?

Let’s make every day a new birth, my dear.

In the dance of time,

a spiritual name,

Devi Dyal,

a legacy to claim.

Compassion, joy, and mercy,

your gifts,

Challenge embraced,

the spirit uplifts.

Not just in December,

with bells that chime,

But in every moment,

throughout all time.

A kind-hearted soul,

a gift so rare,

Spreading love and joy in the open air.

So let’s weave a tale,

not just in December’s art,

But in every beat,

of the human heart.

For love and joy are not bound by a season,

They’re the essence of life,

a constant reason.



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