In Need of Self- Responsibility

“Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you do not care about others. It means you’ re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.”

Simple Reminders

The Compassionate Gardener cares for You to understand that You NEED to come first in your own life.

This is not selfish ~ it is healthy ~ to look after You to be able to be there for others!

That is responsible!

Your spouse ~ life partner ~ needs to come after You!

It takes Trust and Respect for Self – You – to know that your spouse would understand, and be patient with You when You NEED Time for You.

We All NEED Time for ourselves!

We all need to learn to take Self-Responsibility over our own lives!

The way You treat yourself, and consequently your life partner is the way how your children will turn out!

Children learn from the Best examples!

The Compassionate Gardener has seen relationships, marriages, lives break down because people did not take care of themselves ~ their life, their business, anything that is dear to them ~ first!

Please make sure that You take care of You when You NEED to!

Thank You!

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