Love ~ Honor ~ Celebrate Life!

“If you love yourself, you love others. If you hate yourself, you hate others. In relationships with others, it is only you, mirrored.”


The Compassionate Gardener loves, honors and celebrates Life for what it is…You!

Feeling upset or unhappy with life can make every response feel like an attack, and every question like a provocation!

All You really want is to be heard ~ listened to, right?!

The last You need is to be made to feel ashamed, blamed or guilty when you already felt bad about yourself!

What You need is a kind, and caring presence that would make that pain all go away, and better again!

Please have Compassion with Yourself, and so with the Other…to be able to give what the other may need!

The other could be under pressure…stressed…hoping, wishing for a change in life!

Have a little Trust, and Respect!

Important is that You find your way back to your own inner Self!

Knowing here is where You start…and the other, Me, ends…and in between there is space to find, and so be able to give whatever is needed for Self-growth!

Everything is in the Eye of the Beholder…You!

Where do You ... your body… feel stuck now? How is your breathing? How do You carry yourself? Do You feel closed or open…shy, weak and vulnerable or strong and assertive? Do you feel angry and pressured? Do You feel You have enough yet…or do You still want more? Where is growth needed?

The Compassionate Gardener feels You but also knows where the boundaries are set.

What You see in others…is also in You!

Learn to spend time in your own company in order to feel into your own heart! A lot can be released what is not for You to carry any longer!

Once there is lack of clarity that can lead to confusion…You have to dare to dig in deeper by talking, asking and informing yourself about Who You are!

Life …celebration…starts with You!

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