Love is Protection

Mama ~ so you said

Mama ~ so you said ~ grandma liked to knit!

She liked to knit…woolen hats and shawls … for the winter.

Something that keeps You warm from the Cold surrounding You!

Grandma lost herself – so You said… becoming entangled in her Past.

Mama ~ so you said … Grandma was in a negative space!

With one stitch here…another wound there… entangled ~ you said… in the patterns of yesterday’s thoughts.

Mama ~ would You say that there was ever time for Love?

Grandma loved doing what she liked…and liked what she loved.

Grandma liked simply to knit for the winter… to keep You warm…from the Cold….surrounding You ~ so you said, Mama!

Poetry from under the Roof Top ~ 16th March 2014

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