Reading develops Empathy

“A book is a dream you hold in your hands.”

Neil Gaiman

Not only does reading nurture the mind of a child and later that of an adult, but reading will also rattle your very own heart, and consequently develop your own Empathy.

The Compassionate Gardener enjoyed picture books growing up before getting written stories of the life of others to read because there was an inner Need to create new story ~ a new life ~ a new world that had not been written about – let alone heard of yet.


When You read someone’s story You dive into their shoes, begin to feel from their hearts and see from, and through their eyes.

You experience all those new and unexplored places,  cultures  – simply the depth of humanity set in different life-times. That adventure can be very beautiful and exciting but can also confront the reader ~ You ~ with scary  and uncomfortable situations when faced with the total Unknown.

Reading gives You a deeper knowledge of humanity’s life, and therefore its own history. It helps to comprehend, understand, and consequently respect why someone behaves in a certain way …a behaviour that can appear rather strange and unfamiliar… completely out of the norm.Β 


Reading not only develops your heart…your empathy…but it will also show You where You still need growing…gardening…nurturing…opening up fiercely and fearlessly to your own very life. To find out Who You truly are…inside out!

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