Remember me

Remember me with smiles and laughter, for that is how I will remember you all. If you can only remember me with tears, then don’t remember me at all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Time has passed.

Years have gone.

Yet, I can still remember the day

When we said our last good-bye.

Did we think we would see again?

Perhaps we did not know at all

What life would have in store for us all.

Let us remember, dance and smile.

For we might all gather again on some beautiful and warm Summer’s day.

Until then, let’s stay here where we are at and enjoy what is

Creating a life that non of us would really want to miss.

It is what it is!

Remember me for me, as if it was only yesterday.

Without a tear but with a giggle and a sheer. 😊


  1. Such a beautiful poem about remembering friends with a giggle and a smile and not with a tear. We all start our life having some kind of image or vision, but then, life has its own way of changing things and very soon we are in a situation where we say goodbye to friends, not quite knowing when we will meet again. It’s a very warm and beautiful poem that will make the reader remember their long lost friends.

  2. Beautiful!To rememberPeople I love, whether still on the earth or on the other side.Yes, with a giggle.

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