Remembering Empathy

“It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.” — Byron Katie.

To step into another’s shoes, and to leave one’s own behind – to truly immerse oneself in the life of another, is not something everyone readily embraces. Yet, it is essential for growth and evolution; it helps us remember the essence of empathy.

Empathy perceives without overstepping boundaries. Yet, when someone steps in and criticizes, questioning the legitimacy of such empathy, one must wonder: what’s wrong with understanding others while staying true to oneself?

Think back to the times when you were asked, ‘Who do you think you are?’ and you stood your ground, following your heart and intuition, speaking out against injustice. In those moments, you were simply being your authentic self – something rarely celebrated in our societies.

So why do we fear authenticity? Why are we afraid to be real?

And what about empathy? Why has it been shunned and overlooked for so long?

Give me plausible reasons – reasons not to be a kind and decent human being.

I’ll leave these questions open-ended, perhaps to encourage introspection, to spark deeper thoughts and discussions.



  1. Beautiful words, DD. This especially resonated: “Give me plausible reasons – reasons not to be a kind and decent human being.” It’s a good question to ask of ourselves and others.

  2. quite beautiful, and beautifully written.

    I would but add to the very end:
    to spark deeper thought and discussions
    within ourselves, as well.

    And damn DD, I can’t believe English is not your native language,
    poetry is the hardest hill to climb when doing so from another social way
    of conveying nuance.
    highest regard for you my friend

  3. This is very beautiful.
    For my perspective, to be authentic and real, means to be open and vulnerable.
    Maybe, we are to be open to whatever experiences life gives us as an opportunity for Soul growth.
    Becoming more empathic and compassionate.
    Great Appreciation For You

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