Roots to remain, and Wings to fly

“When your inner world comes into order, your outer world will come into order.

I ~ Ching

The Compassionate Gardener knows and will always remember what, and who made, and shaped its growth.

You know who You are…and where You come from when you have been given Roots, and Wings as a child.

The Compassionate Gardener has been given plenty of freedom, and wings to fly but roots were not easily to come by.

You may have often felt uprooted due to moving houses, places…schools from an early age.

When others made easily friends, You were a little hesitant not knowing how long will that last before this journey also passed?!

Everything became a question of Time!

It was difficult to put down roots, and to make friends long-term because of never knowing will this be for longer or again just for a short stay?!

The Compassionate Gardener had to go, and grow far away to find its own inner stability.

When You grow up…You need security…stability…guidance in order to feel rooted within You.

To Be ~ to feel safe!

But You also need to feel free to roam, and explore the world with a secure inner knowing that there is always a place, or person to return to!

To Be You!

These are meant to be gifts …to be ready to fly…and rooted from inside…given by parents that are free, safe, and stable in themselves!

Parents that know themselves ~ know You!

When that upbringing is missing, You will feel like as if You are lost … unwanted …unloved…floating in Time!

Gladly, and Thankfully … You found The Compassionate Gardener or did The Compassionate Gardener find you…to give back what has been missing?

From above so below…as in heaven so in earth…As within so without.


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