Selflessness vs. Selfishness

“Giving yourself some loving attention isn’t selfish ~ it is sensible. If you feel loved and cherished (even if it’s only by yourself), you’ll have more love to give to others.”

Penelope Quest

The Compassionate Gardener cultivates Time for You.

There comes a Time in everyone’s life when something may be out of balance, something appears questionable, unclear ~ somehow not as joyful as your life … You… could be, and You feel You have to dare to dig in deeper.

The Compassionate Gardener has no difficulties giving selflessly to others.

To keep that inner Balance…that Peace…inside, however, You will have to pull back ~ and See for Yourself, what life You want to cultivate for You, and also How much time…love…energy, etc. You are willing to invest in You.

Remember there is a very fine thin line between being selfless and selfish.

The Compassionate Gardener creates that Balance for You…to give You the Time in order to be able to learn to See that fine line between Selflessness and Selfishness.

Key is for You to learn to get to know You…Who You are in order to Know where You start…in order to know Your Self ~ your likes and dislikes…and where the other Me…ends…in order to cultivate life joy back into your life.

Life joy is the Yin/Yang between Selflessness and Selfishness.

Dare to Walk the Line.

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