Solitude’s Cultivation

Purple Heather flowers are a sign of confidence, independence & solitude.

One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In gardens tended,

I find my space,

Weeding’s my meditation,

my chosen place.

Autonomy’s key,

in choices I’m free,

Coercion hinders growth, can’t you see?

Society races,

relentless and fast,

But in love and joy,

I find my contrast.

Burnout looms when we lose our grace,

In solitude’s embrace,

I keep my pace.

Wisdom sought from souls so deep,

In my created garden,

my secrets I keep.

In solitude,

I find my wings,

In this vast world,

my heart sings.

Born into a family,

fragmented and torn,

In solitude,

I’m truly reborn.

With poignant sadness,

I now know,

The beauty of a soul

that’s free to glow.

I walk my path,

head held high,

In solitude’s embrace,

I touch the sky.

Cultivating a life,

in love and harmony,

Filling my soul

with boundless glee.

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