Sow Empathy, Reap Joy

Empathy seems to be seen as a weakness. We condition people to withdraw it to succeed. But really, it needs to be re-seen as a strength again if there is to be any kind of hope in the world.

Matt Bellamy

In the garden of empathy,

a seed is sown,

A path of balance and joy,

beautifully known.

Cultivating a spirit,

genuine and true,

Embracing the real,

the authentic in you.

Be yourself,

unapologetically so,

Shedding the shadows that try to impose.

Distance from those who hinder your flight,

For your essence is here,

a beacon of light.

In the pursuit of purpose,

let your heart lead,

Follow the whispers that fulfill your need.

Look within,

find the joy that resides,

A radiant presence where authenticity abides.

Fear not your light,

let it shine bright,

Illuminate the darkness,

dispel the night.

Those who shy away are not meant to stay,

Your journey is upward,

guiding the way.

Uplift and inspire,

in your divine quest,

A symphony of happiness,

your soul’s request.

Trust the resonance of your inner song,

In the dance of life,

where you belong.


dance to the rhythm of your heart’s decree,

In the garden of empathy,

set yourself free.

Planting seeds of joy,

let your essence bloom,

For happiness grows in your authentic room.



  1. JCatherine Tetrault

    “…Those who shy away are not meant to stay…” – how true! Embodying our authentic selves is not an easy path to choose, and we do lose people along the way. But it does, indeed, raise us to higher ground. Thank you for the beautiful words, Doerthe!

    • The Compassionate Gardener

      It is a challenge. Indeed. Life challenges us to be the best version of ourselves. Or to be that person we needed growing up. 😊

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