Start with your Self first!

The Compassionate Gardener knows that everything in life starts, and ends with the One in the Mirror…You!

When You are indecisive about certain people that only means that You are indecisive about something within your own Self!

Indecisive behaviour may appear immature for some, but may not be the case for everyone!

Everyone comes to a cross-road in life at some stage!

Is this or that what/who I want in my life? Do I feel emotionally supported here?

The Compassionate Gardener has no need to deny, or ignore the fact that Self-reflection, and respectful distance are needed.

The Choice is mine ~ This is my life ~ That is your life!

And that deserves Respect, whatever the decision!

At that very moment in time, the decision is the right One for You!

Therefore, NO REGRETS! They don’t work…they only hinder You in your own life choices, and growth!

Know that we all take decisions that can lead us down to different paths!

Any path is supportive for the growth of your own inner Self ~ to Who You are truly meant to be!

To judge your own Self, and others for their decisions or indecisions is hardly encouraging, let alone motivating!

This judgement only speaks for You, and how You see yourself from inside!

Whatever decision You make at a given time is Your own decision, and that with Trust and Respect for Your own Self in order for You to know deeply that You put your energy into people that choose You, too!

Remember … this is Your life ~ Your responsibility!

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