Stick to Your Purpose

“We have not come into the world to be numbered; we have been created for a purpose; for great things: to love and be loved.”

Mother Theresa

Be true to You.

Know what You do.

Know who You are.

Every day is a New Beginning.

Embrace it.

Embrace yourself!


That light that shines.

Like a goldmine.

Appreciate your purpose.

Make it real.

Only You can know How it feels.




  1. Lovely rhyme and very encouraging. Thanks 💚

  2. Steven Freitas

    Like the wakened life.

  3. “We have not come to the world to be numbered”… So true!We have not come to the world to me numb. And yet so many surrender their consciousness and connection with life, love, themselves, each other and the world, and go through a living death, rather than BE HERE NOW, in love.

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