The Beauty of Transformation

“I am sure everyone has had the experience of reading a book and finding it vibrating with aliveness, with colour and immediacy. And then, perhaps some weeks later, reading it again and finding it flat and empty. Well, the book hasn’t changed: you have.”

― Doris Lessing

When You resist, whatever it is You need to learn to grow and transform from, can easily persist.

When You refuse to remember the past, your own past Self, You are condemned to repeat it.

When was the last time You embraced it?

When You worry and/or are afraid of letting go, just allow your love – You – to be – free.


Do not stop yourself from change.

Change is the only constant there is, why persist?

When You prefer to stay stuck and fearful in the past, true healing of your wounds cannot take place.

You need to allow yourself to sit with these often uncomfortable, if not negative, feelings and emotions.

To discover the goodness – yes, the wisdom – in You!

To accept what is and not to resist

What a wise heart already knows.


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