The Garden of Self-Raising

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.”- Sheila Murray Bethel

Parent-less Child

In the echoes of absence,

a parent-less child,

A longing for arms that never embraced,

Lack of support, both physically and emotionally,

Leaving a void that time struggled to erase.

Cultivating the Unseen

Where do you turn when need cries out?

Cultivating what was never given,

Words of respect, trust, and understanding,

Take years to decipher,

a puzzle to unravel, un-forgiven.

Arrested Development

An adult in body, but a child within,

Arrested development,

a tale untold,

Navigating life without a guiding hand,

In a world that sometimes feels painfully cold.

From Here to Eternity

Where to go from this point, this abyss?

Outgrowing the shadows that once defined,

The mirror reflects resilience, strength within,

For self-raising is an art, a journey well-designed.

Trans-generational Echoes

A motherless child, a fatherless soul,

Ripples through time, generational tolls,

Transcending trauma, a courageous quest,

To break the chains and lay them to rest.

Mirror’s Redemption

With the one in the mirror, a guide and a friend,

Raising oneself, an eternal blend,

Substitute family, chosen and true,

Bringing love and joy, balancing what’s due.

Gardening Life’s Story

For we are all someone’s child, lucky or less,

In the garden of life, we find our address,

Growing, evolving, a never-ending tale,

A story of resilience, where hearts set sail.


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