The Language of the Heart

When you know you know.

There is a deep feeling inside.

That says Now that feels alright!

Whatever it is – it resonates from every angle – left, right and center

with no need to allow yourself to get mangled.

For years on end, you may have wondered what it is – that meaning of life.

That purpose that allows you to thrive.

To be true to your Self by being your own guiding light.

A love that has a deep Knowing, to bring balance, to see what is at stake.

Respectful boundaries are needed to differentiate right from wrong, left from right and so on.

Nothing can exist without the other, oh why bother?!

It has never been the language of the tongue But the language of the heart that has surely been able to leave a deep-seeded mark.

– DD –


  1. So lovely …..

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