Walk beside Me ~ Be a friend!

“A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself.”

Heidi Wills

The Compassionate Gardener is A Friend in Need...a friend indeed!

Learn to understand…to know…Yourself!

Where do You start…and the Other ends?

Knowing this is so very important for You and the Other in order to be able to grow…garden…nurture…create…lead the life You want, and actually need!

You Need to Know what is Best for You! What works for You! Only Your heart knows that…Only You!

A life that is nurtured with Compassion, and especially with Trust and Respect for Self, and so the Other.

We all need reminding at times, in order Not to forget, that everything in life starts, and so ends with the One in the Mirror…You!

Are You friend with our very own Heart…your very own Soul…with You?!

Have You listened lately to your own inner guide…your heart…what it tells You?

Be a Friend!

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