Walk the Line!

The Compassionate Gardener walks the line just like Buddha, who followed his own drum…to feel and see what happens in, and around the world.

Awareness is key…not to repeat history!

The Compassionate Gardener is deeply grounded in Self…to give You…what it is You may be missing in your own life.

How about some reminders for your own Self-Growth…like have some compassion, joy, forgiveness = humour!?

Be a Mensch!

Life is valuable But Not profitable!

Life is only in balance…at Peace with Self…and the other…You when You have finally found in your own Self what has been missing!

Learn to accept, and respect what life is truly all about!

The Compassionate Gardener sees, and feels the world changing, and with that Change the old programming and conditioning are being finally integrated.

This Change here stands up for an unconditional life, presence, in – come flow… for You to cultivate whatever is lacking in your own Self!

Self-Respect rules!

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