Wants vs. Needs

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find you get what you need.”

The Rolling Stones

The Compassionate Gardener wants, and needs You to Be You!

Key is to find out Who You are, and what it is You truly need to be You!

The Compassionate Gardener has often heard people say :”I want people to respect me! I want them to come, and visit me! I want them to listen to me!”

But do You have what it takes for You to give to people what You want from them?

Expectations in You, and so others only disappoint, and that in all likelihood!

You may want this or that in life!

But don’t You NEED first whatever it is You want to understand before being able to ask for it?

That is when You need to use your own inner resources, and start being creative!

Create what it is You need for You!

What helps You get up every morning to feel alive, and motivated?

Do these reasons bring You a high ~ an instant gratification ~ to show that You can get whatever You want?

Or do You Need to learn about boundaries…a Knowing of Who You are to be able to Trust and Respect yourself…so You can give a lasting present of whatever is needed?!

The Rolling Stones would know…they had their fair share of highs, and lows in life but remember they are still alive, and kicking…and will do so beyond their death!

They will leave a legacy of Love, and Respect for Life…. You, and that will linger!

Only You Know what is Best for You, and your own Self-development in life!

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