What About…YOU?

“The planet is sick – like a fever. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have. It all starts with us, or else it’ll never be done.” ~ Michael Jackson

The Compassionate Gardener is sending a reminder:

Michael Jackson always knew like so many other compassionate artists of life!

Not only was the lock-down all over the world needed for our planet earth … our HOME … to take a big breather … from us, humanity, but we humanity NEED that time to remember, and heal…what truly matters in life!


Do You remember Who You were before You took on all the roles and responsibilities in your life?

Are You happy…with Who You are NOW?

Listen to Your heart…it knows…what is Best for You…and so the earth…our planet Home.

All is connected…All is One.

Once You are Home…balanced…at Peace…in love with Who You truly are … Mother Earth is smiling!!!

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