What I want

The Compassionate Gardener is present and ready to bring peace.

A peace we all – Wo-men – so very much need.

We need to understand that we are all in need of someone!

Someone that dares – encourages – inspires – motivates us to carve out our own path life!

Yes, someone that is courageous and fair – enough – to recognize the Me in You.

To create the life – world – peace we all so very much want and need.

A life that is full of Love and Spirit.

A life that is full of creativity, joyfulness, adventure, spontaneity.

A life that is abundant with resources.

A life that is full of gentleness, inspiration, motivation, encouragement.

A life that shows Trust and Respect for Self, and so for the other.

If You want that life, You have to ask yourself every day:

What do I actually want? What is it that would make me happy, and ready to jump out of bed every morning? What is my purpose?

All I can do is work on myself … by writing that life into mine with precise actions that lead to success.

A life that has cultivated a heart – that truly and deeply cares for Self, and so for others in life!

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