Who Are You?

“You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head…But I tell you a secret…All of the Best people are.”

Alice in Wonderland

The Compassionate Gardener, just like Alice, fell down pretty hard a deep hole to find wonderland.

The Compassionate Gardener knows that You have to dig in deep to find the Beauty ~ the Magic ~ in life!

Those, however, who have a hard time finding, and so seeing that Beauty in themselves…will have a hard time finding it, even if Magic sits right under their nose.

Sometimes You have to loose your Self in order to find your Self in order to know Who You truly are!

And that in the here right Now!

The world is a madhouse…theater…film…kindergarten…game, and believe it or not, we all…You too…play a role in it.

What role are You playing, or are You being already Your truest You?!

So Who are You?!

Well, …

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