Wisdom in vulnerability!

Kashmir Birk
Art by Alyssa Monks

The Compassionate Gardener gained wisdom in vulnerability!

Pain is a sign that You grow!

Pain is a gift but to suffer…to remain stuck… in pain, however, is a choice!

Pain is a sign that You can FEEL…that You are alive and kicking!

Only You can choose what to make of your own life ~ pain ~ suffering!

No doubt, pain is certainly unpleasant but how else will You learn, and understand what life…You…is all about?!

The vulnerable
is venerable.
When we are
triggered, unsettled,
when we definitely
don’t know. The
ambiguous and fear
wept unpredictable
uncovers the secret
avenues of our soul.
We discover more
about ourselves
from the people who
upset us than we
will ever learn from
our smothers of love.


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