You are God/dess! 🥰

The Compassionate Gardener sees that your inner power ~ your Shakti ~ is alive and kicking.

This cosmic power appears in the FUSION of the devi or diva (divine feminine) and the deva (divine masculine) in You.

In psychology, Carl Jung called this cosmic fusion within You… Amina and Animus.

“Anima: The consciousness of the feminine in a man.
Animus: The consciousness of the masculine in a woman.”

It is said that in this cosmic energy, You draw in the best from the other, and experience hereby the best of your own Self.

You are a portal of wholeness.

When this fusion is suddenly denied or out of balance, however, You will experience a reductive, suffocating obsession of mutual distrust.

The term “diva” (original Latin: ‘Goddess’), and in its original Sanskrit “devi” has sadly been reduced to describing a person that is selfish, demanding and spoiled!

You are ‘devi’ ~ a God/dess!

Whether You are a man or a woman, let the diva in You dance, and shine!

Let your Shakti flow!

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