You missed You!

“If You need it…take it…but if it is just curiosity…let it go!”


The Compassionate Gardener had to learn the hard way to let go when holding on, and waiting for something/someone that never happens… only brings unnecessary disrespect!

Maturity means that You have to be honest, and ask yourself:

“Do I need that …person/object ~ whatever it is You want in your life for real… for who or what it stands for? Do I want to make time…am I willing to invest my Self? Do I feel that it is worth for me?”

Or have You already realized for You that You are only curious just like a cat, and that You have long outgrown all of that!?

Let’s be honest, there were times when You felt something was missing!

You did not always feel happy, and satisfied with the life that You have created for yourself, and You needed that…friend…or whatever it is You missed!

The truth is that You were unable to give to You what You were missing…like an healthy, and supportive friendship that brings Balance, Inspiration, and Respect for Self, and You!

Forgive Yourself, and let go respectfully because You did not know then what You do Now!

You missed You!

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