A Life Unseen

“We do not need more intellectual power, we need more spiritual power. We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are unseen.” – Calvin Coolidge

In the tapestry of time,

a lineage unfolds,

A child,

a story,

in the universe it molds.

From father’s strength,

and mother’s grace,

Yet not confined to their dreams’ embrace.

Not a puppet,

nor a keeper’s claim,

I am the consequence,

not bound by name.

Born of recklessness,


and strife,

A journey unfolding,

a tale of life.

Not a parent,

not a dream’s designer,

I stand alone,

a self-refiner.

In the echoes of the past,

I find my truth,

Outgrown the binds,

the vigor of youth.

A child of my own,

a guide so wise,



caution arise.

Setting boundaries

in the present’s glow,

Educating self,

the seeds I sow.

In the canvas of existence,

a lineage told,

A tale of growth,

of being bold.

This journey,


in time’s endless stream,

The title engraved: “A Life Unseen.”



  1. “A self refiner” landed deeply for me. Because we are not broken and need to be fixed, we are pure as gold. A Refiner heats up the gold to remove the impediments and obstructions, and that is what your poetry does DD, it brings me back to myself.

  2. Hauntingly beautiful- born out of recklessness- i too was tempered in the flames of trauma and can relate to every sentiment- such a beautiful piece ❤️ D

  3. i just can’t believe how damn good you can writeEnglish,let alone just the purity of your voice,but thenit has helped that i’ve known you for a tiny specof existence.keep painting emotion with your writings,they whisper (and sing) with your voice,delicious clarity!

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