Grounding 🌱

Now what’s that all about?

To ground is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm calm of nature entering your body in exchange. ~ Anonymous

You have certainly heard of grounding many times before or have perhaps even used the word grounding yourself by saying: You need grounding! Or That person seems so off-balance!

Why does grounding often accompany the energy of Shame? Why does Fear get unnecessarily invited?

That is a moment for Self-grounding, and to remember Who You are by letting go off what You are not!

A compassionate growing heart can feel whatever it is that unnecessary triggers deeply, what needs to be expressed and let go off.

It knows that a certain energy or the lack thereof can either trigger or challenge emotions!

True Grounding, however, demonstrates the language of the heart. This energy leads by example so You can feel safe with whomever or wherever You are!

It is the language of energy that transforms Shame into Self-Compassion.

This language allows You to sense deeply that You are seen for You because the vibrations You receive are meant to connect to your heart. To awaken – to bore – to shaken the vibration to reveal your true You!

Grounding is a feeling of balance, clarity & warmth from within.

You just know when You are (un)safe = (un)grounded with whomever or wherever.

Ask yourself Now:

Do I feel safe? Do I feel good about myself? Or is there anything that’s lacking? 😊

Do I feel listened to? 👂

Do I feel seen in whatever mood I show up? Do I feel accepted just for the way I am and not feeling put on the spot, ridiculed, disrespected? 😳

All You need to do is tune into your heart & breathe!
Close your eyes, put your right hand over your heart, and sense what it is How You feel right now! ❤️

Are You grounded? Are You truly home & content with your own & the company you keep? Do You feel that warmth from within or do You feel dizzy & confused with what is?

Only You know – Only You can uncover what Grounding feels like for You!

Remember that once You know who You are, You know that You are home! There where the ❤️ resides!

Thank You! 🙏

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