Re-think πŸ€”

“It’s time to ‘RE-THINK’ and ‘RE-BUILD’ yourself.

Niharika D

Once upon a time…that’s how usually fairy tales tend to begin. And dreams and illusions are made. This is, however, no dream any longer but a dream come true.

This is a story of ‘Re-thinking’ and ‘Re-building’.

There was a time when my I walked around in black clothing, followed existentialism, thinking deeply yet with little clarity to know who I truly am, and what it is that made life worthwhile.

I kept what I knew to myself because my I felt that it was only allowed to exist but not thrive in a world that only accepts or rejects.

I would be lying if I claimed to say that my I enjoyed swinging between anxiety & depression.

That is definitely not the same to Swing Dancing! πŸ’ƒ

These two are emotions that come with their own challenges!

I had no other choice but to learn to sit with them. Each in their own time when ready… to feel into & listen to… in order to understand Who my I truly is & What made my I swing between those two.

Depression has kept my I lingering in the Past. In places, situations, with people that had long gone by.

One could say, “Oh, that is sad!” They will never return in the flesh again, but my I knows that these experiences live on in Spirit, and at heart. ❀️ Never to forget, always to be remembered!

That realization needs Self- compassion and respect.

Anxiety, however, has nudged me many times to keep looking into the Future of what could be.

Always rushing from one place to another, chasing happiness but never truly being in the moment, which can be so fleeting & tiring.

I discovered that I needed to breathe & be still. 🧘

I needed to remember that the Unknown future has not arrived yet. There is no need to feel anxious about something that only takes place in my mind. And I sure have my own vivid imagination! 😎

I needed to deeply ground myself into the present moment – and breathe – in order to feel happy & content with what is. 😊

And if that’s not the case…

“Re-think and Rebuild”!


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