Intelligence is Everything!

“If you want to improve, you must be content to be thought foolish and stupid”


The Compassionate Gardener knows, and has often been considered as foolish and stupid…to even wanting to believe, to imagine that anything is possible.

People love to think that intelligence is everything!

How come then there is so much foolishness, and stupidity in humanity?

Actually Knowing Yourself is true intelligence…and creates that balance…that inner stability we all so seek.

Have You ever considered the difference between foolish and stupid?

When a person is foolish, s/he lacks common sense. That means that person appears immature, and behaves in infantile or rather inexperienced ways despite his/her age.

One may think…One may know better…but obviously that is often not the case!

That behaviour would show that life experiences have not turned into wisdom yet that help create a balanced, and peaceful life.

A stupid person, on the other hand, misses intelligence, even when it sits right in front of him/her.

That person chooses knowingly ignorance by pretending s/he knows it all… when that person actually knows nothing at all, including him/herself.

Fake it until you make it!

There is, in all likelihood, a fine line between IQ (intellectual intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence).

Intelligent You truly, and really Knows that mind, and heart are connected, with Self ~ You!

But intelligent You also knows that you are not always yourself due to certain circumstances when You have to play a role, or take on responsibilities or fall sick!

Therefore, all You can know is…that You know Yourself…and that is enough!

You are, and have enough Intelligence for One ~ to keep the Balance!

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