Journey of the Heart

“Map Your Own Journey. Go on your own journey. Don’t let others hold you back; don’t hold them back. Don’t judge their journey, and don’t let them judge yours. All persons are free to have the experiences their souls lead them to.”
― Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

In the GDR,

a girl did dwell,

In a world divided,

her tale to tell.

With dreams in her eyes,

she dared to roam,

From her birthplace to lands unknown.

London’s streets,

her first fascination,

Through trials,

she found determination.

On to Germany,

her roots to mend,

Learning from the past,

her wounds to tend.

Ireland’s green hills,

a poet’s grace,

A land of legends,

her heart’s embrace.

France’s allure,

Where art and cuisine align for sure,

A place where history’s past

Meets the contemporary, bold and vast.

Now in Belgium,

her heart’s delight,

A European dream,

in its warm light.

Through twists and turns,

she’s found her way,

In her crafted reality,

where she’ll always stay.

A life uniquely hers,

with boundaries defined,

In a world

where conformity often confined.

With her heart as her compass,

Her dreams unfurled,

Living the journey of her European heart,

In this world.



  1. 😍🌍 Rich and precious journey that gives you life

  2. You are the most complete, true European I know!

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