My Sense of Discernment

Embrace your true self and courageously overcome any struggles”. DD

Have you ever noticed that many affirmations begin with negativity? ‘Don’t do this, do that! You mustn’t do this, you must be that!’ What drives this approach, if anything? In a world flooded with motivational messages, why do we often start by emphasizing what not to do rather than celebrating what we can achieve?

As a highly sensitive person, I question everything, even myself. I know when something or someone is aligned or off; I can sense it deeply. I know who I am. I reflect daily. I would feel so bad about myself if I hurt someone deliberately. For many years, I allowed people to diminish my light, my gifts, and my abilities, taking on their unnecessary hurt and fears as if they were mine because I did not know any better.

Growing up, I was often told, “You must always understand the other!” But no one taught me how to set boundaries when enough is enough. Why I was compared to Mother Theresa is a mystery to me! I knew I cared, but I realized over time that it is impossible to understand everything, especially why people behave in certain ways that can be dis-empowering. If I haven’t experienced their situation myself, how could I walk in their shoes? All I could do is love and leave them to learn to be accountable for themselves.

As an empath, I can see through people, or rather, I can become just like them. I remember my mother used to say, ‘People can feel really uncomfortable around you because of that.’ They feel exposed because I see them just as they are—their truth. When I realized I could sense so much about those around me, I needed to stop and set boundaries. I cannot—and I know I must not—take their shame, blame, and guilt trips any longer. They might feel instant gratification in my presence, but that will quickly evaporate, leaving them to seek another encouraging and kind person.

My sense of discernment has become stronger.

I am who you want me to be. I am you. I am exactly that. If you refuse to reflect on your actions and behavior, and don’t take accountability, you end up throwing around blame, shame, and guilt—only hurting me. That’s all there is to it. I am not here to manipulate or take advantage of anyone’s gifts and abilities. I have my own ones to nurture. I am here to encourage, empower, and support, to build confidence, self-trust, and connections with those who know how to embrace their true selves, including their shadow and dark traits, to courageously overcome any struggles.


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