Trust Your Friend

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”

~ Jim Morrison

Trusting Me is trusting You.

From the top of my head to the bottom of your shoe.

When one of us reaches out, and that in times of need

It is hardly out of greed.

It is hardly out of want for more,

to set another high-aimed score.

Friendship is a precious gift.

A gift of love.

That needs cherishing.

A friendship must never be taken for granted.

For it brings the resilience and happiness it needs.

For who and what they are,

Showing wisdom and knowledge, even from afar.

~ DD ~


  1. I loved this poem about friendship. It’s also so very relevant for the times we are living in. More and more people find themselves isolated and lonely, but unable to trust a friend who reaches out with a helping hand. Perhaps, it’s because everyone, nowadays, seems to have an ulterior motive.This poem comes to our rescue — just in time — to remind us that true friends still exist. Not everyone has an ulterior motive, and that there are people who offer to help purely because want to help and for no other reason.Beautifully penned!!!

  2. Thank you for those lines.With love

  3. Beautiful, Thank You!Love your poetry.Friendship is a treasure for my happy heart.

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